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1. Jenz Ice Cream has more than one flavour. Don’t like chocolate? Not a fan of vanilla? Maybe you’re not that into fruit-flavoured ice cream? Maybe you only eat strawberry ice cream? No matter what you like, there’s an ice cream flavour for you.

2. Jenz Ice Cream is available Every Season, come rain come sunshine.
Jenz Ice cream is the perfect treat for any season. In the summer, you can chill from a tasty scoop of your number one ice cream and in the harmattan, you can bring out the best in the cold weather by enjoying your favourite ice cream.


3. You Don’t Have to Fuss Over What To Eat for Dessert
As opposed to fussing over what to eat for dessert, just bring out the ice cream. Everyone loves a good scoop of their favourite flavours. It’s easy to serve, making it the ideal treat for families, parties, and different occasions.


4. Jenz Ice Cream Makes Your Sadness Go Away. Whenever you’re sad, a big bowl of Jenz ice cream will be there to encourage and cheer you up. The silk-smooth bowl of ice cream is scientifically proven to help make breakups, heartaches, and other major causes of sadness easier to get through.


5. Jenz Ice Cream Goes with Everything
Jenz Ice cream is not only great by itself, but also with a wide variety of treats. Slap a scoop of vanilla bean on your favourite flavour of cake, try mint ice cream with a rich brownie, and make that stuffed crêpe even better with a scoop of chocolate ice cream—the possibilities are truly endless.