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So what is a sandwich ice cream?

It is a frozen dessert that comprises two skins and ice cream in the middle. It comprises two outside layers and ice cream of any flavour. The flavour chosen depends on whatever flavour you would like to go with it. A standard ice cream sandwich has its outside layers made of cookies and wafers. Other ingredients that may be used are milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla or any other flavour of ice cream. You may decide to use thick biscuits in place of cookies and wafers, chocolate-flavoured Jezn ice cream, or vanilla Jenz ice cream.

Here are several benefits of enjoying an ice cream treat.

1. Eat your snack anywhere

You can leak and eat your Jenz ice cream sandwich anywhere anytime.

2. Mix your snack with any flavour of Jenz ice cream

You are allowed to and free to use your ice cream sandwich with peanut butter, any toppings you want and any flavour you desire.

3. It is satisfying

Eating an ice cream sandwich is very satisfying. Crushing the cookies or wafers is gratifying, all in one.

Jenz ice cream would always make you feel good and have a smile on your face, there is nothing compared to indulging in the good treat. It is very refreshing, just a few bites of the delicacy and you are happy again.